Systémy øízení jakosti, PALSTAT CAQ
Plán. jakostiv
Mon. jakostiv
Man. neshodyv
Man. audituv
Management vzdělávánív
Product Audit

Product Audit

The program for evaluation of products quality according to the VDA 6 part 5 “Product Audit” methodology serves to verify the product conformity after a check with the defined quality requirements. The quality management must perform audits of products in relevant production and delivery stages so that their conformity with all specified requirements, such as e.g. product sizes, functionality, packaging or marking, can be verified in the defined intervals.

Connection of the Product Audit program to

  • Control plan is compiled for preparation of a product audit with a definition of the quality indicator.
  • Possibility to connect a driver for digital measuring instruments and measuring devices.
  • Evaluation of measured and checked parameters of products.
  • Product audit analysis according to the VDA 5 methodology using QKZ coefficient.
  • Connection to the program for management on internal non-conformities – PALSTAT G8D Stopcards.

Basic information of Product Audit

  • Basic information on the product audit, term of performance, result of the process audit evaluation according to the QKZ coefficient
  • History of audits performed for the product

Product audit control steps

  •  Performance of the product audit according to prepared control steps in the Audit Plan module
  •  Evaluation of individual quality indicators according to the VDA 6.5 methodology and QKZ parameter calculation
Audit výrobku Audit výrobku

Evaluation of measured values

 Basic statistical evaluation using the parameters

  • x - average value
  • s - standard deviation
  • Max – maximum measured value
  • Min – minimum measured value
Audit výrobku Audit výrobku

Printing of product audit forms

  • Printing of the form according to VDA 6.5 requirements
  • Possibility to create users’ own form templates
Audit výrobku Audit výrobku