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Kód: SW-DRV-UHITE Cena: bez DPH

Two-dimensional measurement operations are efficient and cost-effective with the MICRO-HITE Electronic Height Gage. The MICRO-HITE Electronic Height Gage measures in two dimensions in either rectangular or polar coordinates. With powerful, built-in software in its 1D/2D control module, the MICROHITE ® 1D/2D Electronic Height Gage can measure and automatically calculate external, internal and distance dimensions; angles; centerline to-centerline distances; perpendicularity; flatness; straightness; parallelism; centers; diameters; deviations and feature relationships; geometric relationships expressed in rectangular or angular coordinates; minimum/maximum diameters of bolt hole circles; and concentricity. This control panel has its own printer that will generate results in either Cartesian or polar coordinates. The optional Power Panel incorporates all of the measuring capabilities of the 1D and 1D/2D control panels plus has the ability to learn measuring programs and store them on memory
cards. The MICRO-HITE Electronic Height Gage moves on a cushion of air generated by a completely self-contained pneumatic system. For continuous operation without the clutter of power cords, the gage is powered by rechargeable battery pack. - Systém řízení kvality Ubytování ve Vrchlabí