Připojení vlastního měřidla, RS232, TCP/IP

SPC, nechtěné smazání dat

Připojení na DEMO server

If you are interested in testing our system, it is possible to request and create an account on our Demo server. The application can be remotely tested here using RDP for a limited time. There is no requirement to install any special applications on your PC.

Create training MSSQL databases and edit configuration file

Jak se připojit na ONLINE školení

Čtečka čárového kódu pro aurotizaci, RFID

Manage Local Settings

If a user experiences unexpected system behavior, local settings can be deleted.

Instalation and update CAQservice

CAQservice is a program extension of an existing installation of Palstat CAQ allowing administration, operation of notifications and other related functions.

License agreement

If you are unsure of how to properly use your purchased LICENSE or simply want to ensure that the purchased license is correct

Číselníky a pomocná databáze v modulu Správa systému

License activation of Palstat CAQ

We recommend all customers to activate their license and extend the functionality with CAQserver.

SPC sběr dat v provozu

When collecting data from an operational SPC, it is possible to use the Palstat supplied SPCPAD, which by LED immediately visualizes an exceeded limit after measurement, with the possibility of quick control by means of buttons and identification of the worker by RFID card.

Programování v tiskové sestavě

This is an advanced technique where it is possible to add C# scripts that can adapt output to special requirements, to any Palstat system assembly,

Information display and mobile devices

Automatic updating of E-INK information displays directly in production with long-life battery operation and minimal consumption. Depreciation of maintenance directly at the workstation from a mobile phone or terminal. Quick and easy due to QR codes.

Automation of data loading

Most of the drivers you use to load data into Palstat can be automated and imported into Palstat at a set interval.

QualityPortal, manual

Export do EXCEL

Encrypted connection SSL for MSSQL

Palstat CAQ from versions 2017.01.000 supports the possibility of encrypted connection between client and SQL server.We enclose a short general guide for setting it up on the SQL server.

Application Programming Interface - API

As of the 2019 version, we offer the option of accessing Palstat system data via the WebAPI interface, with which you can easily read system data and register input values.

Add Multiple field for control sheet

2017.02.000 Add Multiple field to control sheet. Active only for module Inprocess inspection

How to Install update

If you need to update the PALSTAT CAQ quality management system.


Check system requirements before deploying a quality management system.

The application crashes only on one PC, local seting

The application started reporting an error or crashes without a message and only occurs on one PC. Or a part of the program has disappeared from the station. Local settings.

Export reportingového dotazu souboru

Načítání (Import) reportingového dotazu

Print report manager

Reporting - sending emails

If you have a LICense of the Reporting module or CAQserver, it is possible to set the sending of some reports to email.

Import print reports for QSD

Find out size of MSSQL tables

MS SQL diagnostic queries

Migrate to new server

How to easily migrate the PALSTAT CAQ system

Create MSSQL databases for Palstat

This script will help you to create MSSQL databases and user of the Palstat CAQ system.

Other MSSQL commands

Minor commands for system administration

SQL Reindex

One way to speed up the system.

Incompatible databases found

The Palstat system does not support MSSQL 2005. Install at least MSSQL 2008 or newer.

Instalation the system

Help with the administration and installation of the PALSTAT CAQ system.

New fields Workshop and Position added

2018.03.000 New fields Workshop and Position were added instead of original Place and Place sign fields, which were moved to the new Owner tab. Field Workshop value is selected from edit list.

Aplikace často hlásí chybu - časový limit provedení vypršel

Zasílání emailu z modulu QSD při změně dokumentu

Licence dialog about using the program

After launching the application, it reports that the LICence is used, although I am sure it is not.

Required field Calibration method on Calibrations page

2018.02.000 Significant program change since version 2018.02.000 in module Měřidla

New data filtering options in filter row

2018.01.000 Significant program change since version 2018.01.000 in module Systém Palstat CAQ

Recovery deleted QSD document

If you need to recover a document deleted from the QSD module (managed documentation)

Jak nahrát data na náš FTP server

In some cases, it is necessary to send your data to our FTP server for more accurate analysis or for editing or conversion.

Control chart color changes

2017.02.000 Control chart is now always displayed with light background and control / specification limits drawn as lines.

Data preview on control chart

2017.02.000 Sample values are shown when hovering over the chart point with mouse cursor.

Measuring station - user logout

2017.02.000 User can logout from SPC Measuring station without terminating the program. Measuring station is still running and displaying measuring plans after logout. Same or another user has to login before next measurement.

Cp, Cpk results

2017.02.000 As confidence intervals are shown, minimal value amount for starting Cp and Cpk calculation has been lowered to 25.

Weibull distribution

2017.02.000 Webull distribution is now supported when inserting new dimension. Pp and Ppk results are calculated for this distribution. When distribution parameters cannot be estimated for given data, normal distribution is used for calculation.

Rayleigh distribution

2017.02.000 Rayleigh distribution is now supported when inserting new dimension. Pp and Ppk results are calculated for this distribution. Lower specification limit for dimensions in this distribution should be set to zero for reliable results.

Lognormal distribution

2017.02.000 Pp and Ppk indices calculation has been changed so that it uses ISO 21747 M4 method.

Distribution tests

2017.02.000 Several new tests added to Distribution tests page. Each test is now displayed with its result and P-value.

Measuring station - control chart

2017.02.000 Control chart in SPC Measuring station shows last 25 samples even if these are present on more cards.

Measuring station - chart analysis

2017.02.000 Control chart in SPC Measuring station now displays chart analysis results, such as trends, runs etc.

New appearance

2017.02.000 Significant program change since version 2017.02.000 in module Launcher

Nový Launcher od verze 2017.02.000

Nový Launcher přináší řadu vylepšení, které jste dlouho požadovali. Nově si můžete vaši domovskou stránku upravit dle vašich potřeb a doplnit ji o odkazy na jiné aplikace mimo systém Palstat CAQ. Více informací najdete ve video návodu.

Evidence měřidel, změna stavu měřidla není možná

MSA, formulas for the print report

The formulas in the MSA print report are unreadable or poorly rendered.

Evidence měřidel, stav měřidla je Anglicky

Při exportu do EXCEL obsahují sloupce znaky

PALSTAT začal být pomalý

Palstat CAQ začal po nějaké době používání být pomalý a brzdí nás v práci. Nebo chcete optimalizovat rychlost aplikace.

Instalace driveru INTERFACE pro Windows

Print reports logo

Manual for multiple logo changes for all reports in Palstat CAQ system.

SPC Station – Driver Setting

Driver assignment for SPC station and measuring plan

How run the program on phone or tablet

Palstat CAQ operates as a desktop application on Windows.Phone and tablet over RDP

Jednorázové plnění PALSTAT CAQ z Excel

Open file - warning about security

WINDOWS security messages must be cleared when running PALSTAT applications