Keyboard driver

One of the possibilities of using the supplied keyboard driver is using the supplied program /APL/KeyboardDriver.exe, which, after proper configuration, will take the data from the measuring device, format the value and transfer it to the cursor position of any other program ( Palstat, Excel, Notepad )

Deployment process

  • Connect the PC and the measuring device with the appropriate RS232 cable or USB/RS232 reduction.
  • Access Palstat, CAQdesktop on the connected device.
  • In the device manager, find out which COM port the device is connected to.
  • Check that the COM port on the PC is set to the same values as the measuring device (Baurate, BitStop, atd.). It will be necessary to consult the device manual and to access these values on the device itself via the available controls. If this is not possible, set the COM port values to default.


Starting and setting up the program

  • Run /APL/KeyBoardDriver.exe, optionally you can create a desktop shortcut on the appropriate station.
  • Use the blue + icon to select and add the Driver you plan to use on your PC. 
  • Activate the selected driver by ticking it.
  • Set the COM port on which the device is connected.
  • Select the inputs (if the device has more than one) from which to recieve data.
  • Click on the green PLAY icon and the driver will open the selected COM port and wait for data.
  • Use the "Test" button and use the function on the measuring device to send the data, the value must be displayed in the corresponding test window.
  • Optionally set "run on Windows startup" and "start measurment immediately"
  • Minimize the program and it will remain active in TRAY waiting for data from the measuring device to pass the value to the cursor position.