Online calibration, CAQportal

The Palstat CAQ system enables automation of a large proportion of calibration activities, not only saving costs on inefficient operations, but also reducing errors.

- Flawless highspeed data exchange between users and the calibration company.
- Saves working when writing calibrations.

Palstat CAQ can provide calibration laboritories access to gauge data sent or scheduled for calibration. Both user and supplier can receive information about the upcoming calibration term.







The gauges that have been calibrated by the supplier recieve a calibration report with a valid electronic signature. The protocol is fully automatically transferred to the user's database and based on the result of the calibration and rules set regarding monitoring of the new calibration validity. The user avoids the tedious and sometimes error strewn manual assignment of calibration sheets to the database and archiving of paper originals.


Electronic calibration protocols are then available to all authorized users and access can be gained via the application, the intranet or mobile devices.


In addition to the Meters module, online calibration also requires a CAQServer module, which provides online communication. The calibration laboratory must then have access to the onlne portal For more information contact PALSTAT directly.