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Server module with email distribuion, notifications, web reports, API and portal communication functions. Module requires valid service contract and is paid by annual fee.

CAQ Server is licensed module in PalstatCAQ system which allows access data and reports in other enviroment and forms. This module is designed to run on server and consists of several components (system service, scheduled tasks, web module and IIS service)
CAQservice - configuration management
Suitable for system administrators which can control application configuration from any server and keep it hidden from users.
- Service enables distribution of configuraton for users of system
- Folder CONFIG no longer included LICence or other specific configurations
- Increase operational safety
- Client is connect with running service and this will inform about needed configuration including connection to database
CAQservice - configuration management

CAQservice - automation
CAQ Server allows to send prepared reports with current data at a pre-scheduled time. Reports can contain any data from the Palstat CAQ system, including analyzes, graphs and other elements. It is possible to specify the distribution conditions, for example, to avoid sending an empty report if no relevant data exists for a given period. The recipient of the report can be specific users or addresses can be generated dynamically based on data.
CAQservice - automation

CAQservice - notifications
For specific actions in the Palstat CAQ modules (e.g. task creation, document approval and many others), reports can be prepared and sent immediately to the affected users affected by the action. These reports can contain information about implementation of the action, if necessary all detailed information from the data entered in the system. Event notifications can also be sent via SMS.
CAQservice - notifications

CAQportal - portal for external calibration
CAQ Server module includes communication with external calibration portal at The portal allows to share selected meter data with calibration service providers and transfer electronically signed calibration protocols from an external laboratory to the operator's database. It is this possible to save a considerable amount of manual work when writing external calibrations and storing calibration reports.

- Flawless and fast data exchange between users and the calibration company.
- Save work when writing calibrations.
CAQportal - portal for external calibration

CAQweb - report access on Web
Reports prepared in module Reporting can be made available to users on intranet. Data from system can be available to other workers even without direct access to the system. Web reports can be made available to both authenticated Palstat CAQ users and to all Active Directory authenticated users without having to create an account in Palstat CAQ. Web reports can also be made available to workers with external network access.
CAQweb - report access on Web

Using module CAQ Server can be accessed API system Palstat CAQ. This API allows access data from external systems and perform selected actions. Interface is based on the web REST API and data can be processed in any system. Due to the scope of the Palstat CAQ system, the API does not currently make the complete database available but the scope of the available data is constantly expanding. Client requests are handled via IIS server or CAQ server via the HTTPS interface, optionally HTTP in a structured request and JSON response.

- Possibility of data visualization in own external system.
- Designed for IT professionals who know how to work with the API.
- We offer customers the ability to support implementation for the environment (C #, ASP and PHP)
- Connection to the Palstat CAQ system via API is available to all customers who purchase required LICENSE



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