Online calibration, CAQportal
The Palstat CAQ system enables automation of a large proportion of calibration activities, not only saving costs on inefficient operations, but also reducing errors.
MSA, formulas for the print report
The formulas in the MSA print report are unreadable or poorly rendered.
Measuring instruments, status is English
After performing UPGRADE, the meter state changed to English.

Measurement device management acc to 505/90 Sb., ISO/IEC 17025, EA 04/02, MSA, VDA 5

Assurance of requirements in the area of metrology, control of inspection, measuring and testing proceedings according to requirements of the present law about  Metrology and following norms

- ISO EN 9001, IATF 16949  chap. 7.1 and 9.1
- ČSN EN ISO 10012
- EN ISO/IEC 17025
- MSA IV. edition by AIAG
- VDA 5  2. edition